Subal Alpha 7 Mk3 for Sony Alpha 7 M III

The SUBAL Alpha 7 Mk3 housing for the Sony Alpha 7 Mk3 provides access to all camera functions.

Maximum depth: 80 m, 120m (Optional)

Weight:  approx. 1,7 kg

Weight in water:  nearly neutral (depending on the port and accessories)

Dome port and accessories shown on picture not included in housing scope of delivery!

  • ((incl. 20% UST)

  • 4.188,- €

  • Export price

  • 3.490,- €


120m Version

for undisturbed operations up to 120m depth. Stronger springs and other parts (Note: Higher press on push buttons)

Special viewfinder

Choose from our viewfinder range – simultaneous order of a case. (excl. VAT)

Additional Flash socket

Alternative Flash connection socket without circuit board.

Flash socket including circuit board

alternative Flash connection socket. Including complete electronics and accessories. (excl. VAT)

Wheel Options

Zoom/Focus Wheel plastic

Navy Line

Customize your housing into SUBAL Navy Line scheme

Detail information:

The Alpha 7 Mk3 housing provides access to all the functions of the Sony Alpha 7 Mk3. The ergonomic SUBAL housing design and arrangement of all the key controls allows easy camera operation without letting go of the grip. The camera is fitted on a special cradle which enables a precise and faster, more secure mounting. A 4mm O-ring and the SUBAL New quick-lock closure system prevents accidental crushing of the O-ring and ensures maximum safety. Threaded holes at the base allow the attachment of a tray. Focusing lights can be attached or mounted to the top shoe. The monitor window provides a glare-free and high-contrast view of the camera monitor. Material selection, processing, surface protection and finish conform to the usual high-quality that is common to all SUBAL products. SUBAL offers for this housing model 2 different viewfinder systems: the slim standard viewfinder reduces the viewfinder image so that it can seen fully despite wearing a dive mask. The 45° viewfinder provide an image approximately corresponding in size to the camera's viewfinder in a 45° angle. All Subal viewfinders systems are interchangeable and can be installed and removed easily by the user.

SUBAL ports with bayonet type 3 can be mounted

Technical Data:
Seawater-resistant aluminum alloy worked from a solid block. Hard-coating and corrosion treatment is applied to the surface of the housing. In addition 3 layers of powder-coating paint is applied to give the housing the Subal color and unique finish. All parts are made of hard-anodized light alloy, acid-resistant stainless steel and high-quality plastics to cope with the marine environment.

Width x heght x depth:
Approx. 275 x 173  x 115 mm  (w/o port and handles)

Strobe connections:
2 strobe connectors optionally Nikonos V, IKELITE or Subtronic S6 Sockets connected in parallel, also bulkheads for optical cable is possible

Flash arm mounting:
2 x T-plates 25 mm, TLC - or Ultra light base optional shoe

Transmission and features:
All functions of the camera can be operated. In particular: main switch/backlight, shutter, zoom (manual focus), front and rear main dial, lens release, focus mode (M-S-C), AF mode, metering, AF-lock, AF-ON, port-lock, photo/video switching.

Push buttons for:
Mode, exposure compensation, bracketing, Flash method, AF mode, lock, video start / stop, playback, delete, menu, thumbnail, protect, OK, ISO, quality, white balance, microphone, multifunction button, info, Live View. AF-on, PV, FN, AF Mode, lens release.