Subal FP-FC100IS flat port with manual focus for Canon EF 100 / 2. 8 L macro IS USM

An extensive range of interchangeable front ports allows the use of a wide variety of camera lenses, from fisheye lenses to zoom and macro lenses. All ports glasses are manufactured from precision highest quality optical glass for resistance and high quality pictures. Secure and effortless port exchanges are made easy by a bayonet mount featuring a rugged and robust fitting combined with precise positioning and a fixed stop position.

The FP-FC100 is specially designed for Canon’s EF 100/2.8L IS macro USM lens and allows the photographer to switch between manual and auto focus underwater

The FP-FC has  a built-in manual focus mechanism. Focus gear included.

Port bayonet size        
  • ((incl. 20% UST)

  • 913,20 €

  • Export price

  • 761,- €