Quality, that is. Quality that inspires.
Who uses a SUBAL housing, feel the passion that is in all details, and is committed to uncompromising quality. Only the designer a perfect adaptation to the respective camera is good enough, only best and flawless material is over the strict "handmade" quality control. Practical benefits slumber, however, in the case. Benefits arising from his own experience. Because "Handmade" is a case for us only if it cooperates in all details with the hand of the photographer! Shake on it!

For hands, made by hand:
With this simple phrase, the outstanding comfort and the superiority of a SUBAL can be establish housing. Finally, at SUBAL solutions developed for maximum usability for your hands by hand and implemented - as simple as possible to make the access to the most frequently used controls. "By hand" against quality assurance not stop making, honor is associated with an enormous effort, but for us!