Thomas Haider (Austria)

Bestellhotline:+43 / 7252 / 464240

Dr. Thomas Haider is underwater photographer based in Vienna, Austria. Together with the German nature documentary producer Rolf Moeltgen he cooperated in many worldwide underwater film projects e.g. GEO, BBC Wildlife and National Geographic. Starting with still shots for the filming scenes an independent activity as publishing underwater photographer developed. His images have been published in many magazines, books and calenders, have been used in advertising and presented in many exhibitions all around the globe. He achieved already 4 winning images in 3 different categories in the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” contest in London, the so called “Oscar of Nature Photography”. Currently he is working on two different long-term photo-projects. The one is an underwater photo book project about West Papua, the epicentre of marine biodiversity. The abundance and variety of marine life - particularly in shallow water at the immediate boundary to the rainforest, mangroves and mushroom-shaped limestone rocks - is a unique feature of this „Earth’s richest seascape“. This particular topographic constellation gives the opportunity for surprising and stunning photo perspectives on the interface of water and land. The other is a multimedia project and initiative about the Urban Wildlife of his hometown Vienna - “Wiener Wildnis” (Viennese Wilderness). As a team member of this ambitious project he tries to combine the underwater wildlife scenery together with urban elements in one picture. Showing both worlds creates the feeling of connection between the underwater realm and our usual above-surface viewpoint.